RebirthA 5th Edition D&D game

Welcome to the world of Kalidor.

Consisting of three major continents (Durn, Ashvinter & Sumilor) A medieval fantasy world filled with dwarves, dragons and high adventure for those willing to leave their mundane lives behind and pick up a sword or spellbook.

Welcome to Durn

This campaign takes place in the relatively young kingdom of Durn (boldly named after the continent it resides on) A kingdom forged in the the aftermath of the bloody 100 year Goblin Wars, unified and ruled by King Lucius Morrowood.

This game is a combination of political intrigue, mystery and good old-fashion dungeon-crawling.

The characters start out as lvl 2 adventurers, from all walks of life, but brought together by mysterious notes and dreams. As they struggle to figure out who wrote these mysterious notes, and what they mean, their journey begins.